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Reclamation Theology with Kyle Clement: Reclaiming the Catholic Faith and its true teachings and traditions

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02/15/2019Reclamation Theology - Episode 5
Come Home - Come Rome part 2.

Kyle Clement of the Liber Christo movement of Catholic Healing and Deliverance responds to the clergy sexual abuse crisis and implores our shepherds to do what they promised Jesus they would do... tend their sheep and turn away from evil.
02/15/2019Reclamation Theology - Episode 4
Come Home.. Come Rome... Kyle Clement discusses the importance of rejecting teachings inconsistent with the words and truth taught by Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church over the past 2000 years.
02/15/19Reclamation Theology - Episode 3
Kyle Clement, renowned for his work in healing, deliverance, and the rite of exorcism, teams up with Mariologist Dan Schneider to discuss the powerful protection and role of the Blessed Mother.. and warns of the false teachings of relativism and modernism. Don't miss these episodes brought to you by the Liber Christo movement and WSFI 88.5 FM Catholic Radio.
01/05/19WSFI 88.5FM Presents Reclamation Reclaimation Theology - Episode 2
Liber Christo founders, Kyle Clement and Dan Schneider discuss the importance and power of reclaiming and advancing the True Catholic Faith. In this episode a review of the Church's teaching on the power and importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary given to her by God for our salvation, and how the false teachings resulting from the Reformation by Martin Luther have adversely infiltrated Catholic's evangelization and educational efforts.
11/24/2018Reclamation Theology - Episode 1
WSFI 88.5FM presents with Kyle Clement: Reclaiming the Catholic Faith and its true teachings and traditions. This episode focuses on the Catholic Church's departure from its traditional approach of advancing the faith to defending it, as a result of the "Reformation". Mariologist Dan Shneider of the Liber Christo movement weighs in on the need to clarify and teach who Mary really is and how important she is to our salvation.
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