About WSFI Radio

WSFI Catholic Radio 88.5 FM/750 AM is committed to bringing the very best Catholic and local programs to what is currently a Catholic Radio void in parts of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. WSFI Radio is an initiative of BVM Helping Hands, and is licensed by the FCC.

Catholic Radio has been estimated to be growing at a million listeners a month because of the powerful impact it is making on listener’s lives, families, parishes and local communities.  Please join in the effort to make it possible here in our local community.

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Jesus, I trust in You


To Reveal

To reveal and invoke the presence of Christ on the air, on-line, and on demand in our local communities and around the world.

To Witness

WSFI Catholic Radio is committed to witness to the power, beauty and truth of our Catholic Faith and contribute to world-wide evangelization.

To Give Voice

WSFI Catholic Radio offers Catholic perspectives on current issues and provides a voice for local parishes, apostolates and organizations.

To Promote Positive Role Models

Affiliated with Sports Faith International,  WSFI Catholic Radio hosts the Sports Faith International Hall of Fame.


To reveal and invoke the presence of Christ on the air, on line and on demand around the world and here in our local communities.
To witness to the power, beauty and truth of our Catholic Faith.
Offer Catholic perspectives on current issues
Contribute to world-wide evangelization through hyper- local programming and providing marketing support for local Catholic events and causes.
Provide a voice to parishes, apostolates and organizations to spread the word in a cost-effective manner.

By its affiliation with Sports Faith International, WSFI shares the mission to promote sportsmanship as an integral part of the Christian life on and off the playing field. Following the lead of Pope St. John Paul II, founder of the Pontifical Council of the Laity of Church and Sport, our mission includes enlisting virtuous athletes to use their position as role models to transform our culture.

Sports Faith recognizes people who are successful in sports while leading exemplary  lives.  We honor high school, college, and professional athletes, coaches, and teams on Pentecost Vigil.  We have a radio station, WSFI, 88.5FM, which broadcasts in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  The studio is in Libertyville and the tower is in Antioch.


  • Broadcast 24/7
  • Multi-lingual programming
  • Nonprofit 501(c) 3 radio station
  • Online streaming at WSFIRADIO.ORG
  • Active on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and TuneIn.
  • WSFI is an invaluable tool that enables its listeners to thrive offering authentic Catholic news, information and lifestyles to overcome daily issues and challenges.
  • The studio is located in Libertyville, Illinois.
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